Make the network structure is consistent with the company's organizational structure.

1. Add a Organization

Org name

Organization name.


assigned after RADIUS authentication is passed.

Ldap type

The OU can contain OU and CN . If there are child nodes below, select OU, and if it is the final node, select CN. Once created, it cannot be modified.

Ldap name

The ldap node name


Priority from big to small


2. Tree directory organizational structure

You can add headquarters, branch offices, etc.

3. Create a user account

user name

User name, usually firstname.lastname


The login account can be the same as the user name, or of course it can be different. The account cannot be modified after it is created.

Password and Repeat Password

You can use a randomly generated initial password or manually specify the required password

Allowed mac

Which devices are allowed to connect to wifi? If empty, it means there is no restriction. If it is filled, it means this user can only connect from these devices.


The organization to which the user belongs, if there are multiple organizations, will be sorted by priority.


You can enable or disable this account at any time.

create user